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June 19, 2007


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wowee!!! it looks great!


Oh GEEZ girl!!!! LOL I thought I was bad! But you have me beat by a MILE! (or 10 LOL) They are all such beautiful prints too!


What a gorgeous collection of fabrics you have.
Yes, I can see that getting through them all would take a WHOLE lot of sewing and probably more time then the average human has. :-)
I'll be checking back about your new enterprise; it sounds great!
Take care and have fun with that quilt!!

Holly Holderman

hi sheree,

so glad you came for a visit, I am learning about so many creative people in the blogosphere is way.

My favorite dress is the dots (gee what a surprise)
strwaberries and flowers...so fresh and fabulous.

your daughter is a lucky girl

sounds like you may need to get her a hello kitty
sewing machine so that she can sew along with you.



Your room is looking great! And I could spent hours just looking at all that beautiful fabric....you are one lucky women.
NOW...I need to go clean my room.


I've posted some photos in my flickrs and in the group pool of the evolution of my stydio transformation.
Go there and check.


Wow, that's a lot of fabric, but you did a great job of organizing it. There's a lot of pink in there.

How long will it stay so neat though?


Wow...You really do have a lot of fabric...beautiful. I love your organization too. Thanks for the info, I am going to check out my library for those books. I am working on setting up my space in a new home...fun!


Thanks everyone. It was a necessary thing to do. I feel so much better going in there now. There are still a few more problem areas I did not show, like the cutting table and sewing area. My goodness. I need to get them done next week. I'll share more pics as I progress.

Vanessa, can't wait to see your space--good luck with the move.

H2--thanks bunches for stopping by and for the sweet compliments. Can't wait to see your new fabrics.


Lisa NYC

oh Sheree...

I'm drooling at your abundance of beautiful fabric. Did you say Sewing Room Organization? LOL...my favorite subject!!!

How do I join your challenge on yahoo?

With friendship,


WOOOO and my DH thinks I have a lot of fabric!!!! You put me to shame for sure, Iv got like maybe 1/8 of what you have.

Looks good though!!! I love the shelves you have. Do you have your own studio? How do you buy all those bolts of fabric, do you have a resellers lic? Im new at this and I want to be able to buy bolts not yards.



Hey Lisa--I see you joined the flickr group. Great studio pics. You are soooo organized. My gosh, impressive. And so is your collection.

Hi Priscilla--yes, you need to get your business registered and get a resale/tax id number, then you can set up wholesale accounts with fabric distributors. Good luck with everything! :)

Jamie Trzcinski

Great job on the organization!! I don't know how you are going to part with some of that fabric - how will you choose???? I look forward to your new venture, I will definately have to take a peek :) Your quilt is looking fabulous - very bright and cheery!! Hope your weekend trip was a good one!


Oh. Oh!! Oh my!! I wanna come have a craft night (every night) at your place!! Your stash wins!!!



Kim (OliveJuice)

LOVE IT!!! I spy quite a few prints I'd love to get my hands on. Such lovely organization. :)


I am drooling - literally!!! What a yummy collection of fabrics - and bolts of them to boot!! You could open a store!! I hope your camera playing is going well - gotta love a new toy!


HOLY COW! I would be in hog heaven with that organized collection. I thought I had problems....:)


that would be my heaven...I could just sit in there for hours dreaming up some projects...please get that store up and running!


WOW!! Just when I thought I had a lot of fabric. I have nothing on you. I am going to show this to my hubby. Mabye he will have mercy on me?? LOL


WOW! I am drooling over your collection...perhaps one day...

Jennifer Paganellli

Look at you with the stash! Sheree how sweet of you to come by...Such the collection and so well organized....Everything makes me drool...so nice to see..Jennifer


OMG! You have such a gorgeous collection of fabrics, I can't take eyes of it! I'm just starting my sewing adventure, looking for inspiring fabrics, and looking at your pictures I'm in heaven!

Ana Maria Seaton

Know I am about 2 years too late for the drawing but had to say that I am drooling over your collection. LOL I don't feel so bad about mine now and it is so much fun using all of that isn't it?! Brightest blessings, hope this finds you and yours well. :)

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