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June 17, 2009


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Just went on your blog for the first time and I LOVE the adorable children's dresses -- perfect for my two granddaughters. If I were to win the wonderful scraps, they would definitely be put in a quilt. Quilting is my passion and as every quilter knows, you can never have enough scraps!


Ok, now I have really posted a blog about this give a way. :) Its at http://browneyedgirl1489.blogspot.com/

Terri Emmons

I would love your scraps.. I love to sew and could find some great uses for them. I love to do quilts and bags. I am going now to join the flicker group and also will sign up for the mailing list or feed things.. Thank you.
Thats great about your spot you have there looks great..
Terri E
Ventura Ca


I love your skirts! The fabric is delightful. I especially like the Giddy Up! skirt and top. So cute!

Ooh! Thanks for the giveaway!

If I won the scraps, I would make some softies or a quilt, both of which are new projects for me. You know, one never has enough projects!


I posted a link on my blog: http://skemommlenskedaddle.blogspot.com/2009/06/fabric-scraps-giveaway.html


I'm a subscriber (Google Reader)! Thanks for the giveaway.


oh boy...i'm just getting into this one (by a little more than the skin of my teeth)...i am new to quilting, (as in i haven't made one by myself yet)...and that would be where i would start...and i would share some with my 5 year old who desperately desires to start "playing" with fabric...


What a great giveaway! I would first try to make a scrap quilt. I love those.....then see how many quilts I could get from the fabrics.


I just signed up for your newsletter!
Thanks for the giveaway.


I hope I'm not too late as I would looovveee to get my hands on all that loveliness!! What would I make, oh where to start?? I'm just learning quilting, and I'd love to try a coin quilt. I have some ideas for clothes for my 7mth old daughter, maybe a patchwork scarf for me, the mind just boggles!! Thanks!!


I don`t have a Blog, but if i would have all these cute Fabrics, i will use them für my Hexagon Quilt. I work since 4 Month on it and it will be a big big Quilt with a lot of funny colors. The Quilt shoult be a memory for my Kids. I would love to win your great Giveaway.
Sorry for my Englisch and best wishes from Germany


Hi! What a gorgeous blog. What would I do with the scraps...Naturally, make scrappy quilts. I am the absolute queen of Project Linus scrap quilts. Just like some people won't toss a single part of a chicken (all are good for cooking), I don't toss any fabric. I use it all, but especially love the long strips for doing the donation quilts. You can see from my blog, that I've made over 30 already this year.
I'll blog this on my blog also :-)



I'd make a quilt and perhaps a wallet or two.


I am so in love with you for giving away such goodness. Thank you

Patty Adams

I would use this material to make skirts and dresses for my granddaughter.


Pick me, pick me! :) I have twitted about the giveaway at: http://twitter.com/knotsewcrafty


I would make some bags and maybe there would be some scraps that would match the quilt that I am making for the nursery


wowza! i LOVE scraps! i'd certainly use them in quilts, the designing of which will tantalize me from here on out... *grin*
happy studio launch!
cheers :)

Janna Widdifield

Oh my! There are some lovely scraps in there! I would make some zippy bags for purses, some Weekend Sewing headbands, piece together some skirts for my little girl. The possibilities are endless. I've posted a link on my blog here: www.mustardseeds.typepad.com.

Janna Widdifield

Oh wait, that last comment should have been separated into two! Shoot. Here's the post where I mention your giveaway. http://mustardseeds.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/07/jammies-for-jack.html


I am just starting to sew again after many years. I would love to make some things for my little girls! Sundresses, purses, tops.

Mary Jo Smith

I just came across your blog and love it! I made a few crayon rolls yesterday, so I would probably make one with the scraps. I'd also use them to applique a few t-shirts for the toddlers I know - including my 19-month old. :)

Mary Jo Smith

I am subscribed your your blog via Reader.



Hi there! I found your blog from MUSTARD SEEDS!
I would use the fabric in the quilt i am going to make my daughter. Im going to use all her old clothes and need some fun fabrics to mix in.
Thank you--what a fun giveaway!


hi,i'm late to join this giveaway,good luck my friend...i like that prize n book...

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