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February 04, 2011


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hi Sheree!

thanks so much for letting me know i was one of the winners!! how exciting : )

my email address is danielleheartschris@live.com.au, if you can email me and i'll let you know my postage details : )

Theresa N

My choices are #1 and #6 because I have just really got to finish my christmas quilt this year. Happy 40th Birthday!!


i'd love #6 or #3! my 2011 sewing resolution is working on one project at a time and not start the next one until it's finished! thanks so much for the giveaway!


Oh wow, you are so generous! My favorite is prize #5. I'm a sucker for polka dots.
One of my quilting resolutions is to actually make some of the patterns in the quilting books that I have. I tend to keep doing stuff from the internet when I have these gorgeous books sitting on my shelf!

Marcia W.

Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your interview. My choices from most to least of the 6 prizes you are generously offering are: 1,2,5,6,3,4
My goals: make more quilts including one with applique. Learn to use my mother's new computerized sewing machine and teach her (which includes learning how to machine quilt on it). Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I've often visited your blog only to see there was no post. Welcome back!


I would so love to have a copy of the Elizabeth Hartman's book or the Kaffe Fasset shot cottons! So yummy!

For this year I resolved to join some VQB so that I could be challenged to make blocks I probably would not have made for myself.


Thanks so much for coming back, Sheree -- we missed you!:)

My resolution is definitely to get a better hang of free-motion quilting. In that vein, I'd love if you could put me down for prize #1! Thanks again!

Chelley Black

I would LOVE to have the shot cottons and bamboo batting. I love, love, love all things Kaffe. My sewing resolution for this year is to try to finish one of my Christmas crafts every month so they don't pile up at the end. I didn't succeed in January, though. :(

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I love the fabrics in prize number five because they would work so well for the summer dresses I am going to make for my granddaughter. My sewing resolution for 2011 is to feel less pressure and enjoy each project I make.


i love the shot cottons...so yummy!
resolving to use more stash...even the really truely lovely stuff...and use it for at least one quilt for my family! but hopefully more than one!

Mary P

It's a tie between 5 and 6. I love them both! My resolution this year was to do more handwork. That could be embroidery, sashiko, applique, etc. I just feel like it is something I haven't really tried and I'd like to learn something new!


They are all wonderful but if I HAD to choose I'd say the Moda It's a Hoot fabric is my fav-o-rite followed closely by the Timeless Treasures Clementine Collection.
My sewing resolution is to simple DO IT MORE. : )

Crystal Stanworth

what a giveaway!! Definitely lovin' the "its a hoot." How is everyone's resolution not to SEW MORE?! mine always will be!

Mary Grace McNamara

Any one of these prizes would be fabulous, but if I had to pick, I'd say the It's a Hoot fabric would be my first choice. I am still working on using up what I have on hand, so that will continue to be my resolution for this year.


angela d.

I'd love #5 or #6 for my quilting projects. Love the It's a Hoot dots and Kaffe shot cottons are WONDERFUL. #3 would be great for my newest endeavor - trying to make clothing. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Birthday!


Moda's "It's a Hoot" collection is the one I like to win the most. I always love Moda's fabric. They are great.

As for my sewing resolution for 2011, well, is to finish the potty training pants for my baby girl. It looked so simple until I got into it!!


Wow thank you Sheree! I have sent my mailing information to your shop. You are a peach to celebrate your birthday with us all! Sharonj.


I love all the dots in the Hoot collection #5. My sewing resolutions for 2011 include getting my Christmas quilts done before Dec. 1st!


The shot cottons are beautiful and I would adore them in my stash:) finish this darn twin size polar bears and penguin top I have been working on forever. Almost all quilted:)


I love the Its a Hoot and also the patchwork book. My resolution is to finish what I start so I do not accumalate unfinished projects. So far I only have two! Better work on those.


Hey Sheree, thanks for the giveaway!!! Sorry that you will be moving from Houston, but congrats on the great new home -- I can't wait to see the play space painted! Hope we see you at a meeting before you go!

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

Prizes 6, 2, and 5 are my favorites, but I love them all. Number 1 would be, but I am already waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon. My sewing resolution is to learn to quilt this year. I have done some small scale patchwork, but I want to learn more blocks and techniques. I will also learn to make bags more advanced than a basic tote this year.


They're all great prizes, but I think I like the It's a Hoot prize pack most of all. My resolution this year was to sew and quilt more!


My favourite prize is #6. My sewing resolution this year to finish things on time not the last moment.
Happy Birthday,
Edit from Hungary

Janet K

These are all great - though I got Elizabeth's book for Christmas, so I hope to win one of the fabric prizes - It's a Hoot or the shot cottons. I wish I could say that I had a 2011 resolution, but I haven't had a chance to put any on paper! For sewing, I want to tackle at least one or two garments...but that's not very specific.

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